Speaking Engagements

Angeline Lillard
Dr. Angeline Lillard travels internationally to give talks highlighting the information in her book Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius. Typically, she begins with an overview of Montessori education, then presents the eight major principles covered in the book, along with some of the research supporting them and how they are implemented in a Montessori classroom.

The talk is adjusted to the audience, so it can be suitable as a parent education talk, a community service talk, a talk to tell teachers about relevant psychology research, or a talk for university audiences.  The talk, with question/answer and a book signing, normally takes 2-2.5 hours.

Upcoming Talks

Date Location
March 3, 2020 Chihuahua, Mexico
March 4-6, 2020 AMI Conference, Mexico City
April 3, 2020 (tentative) The Policy Lab, Brown University, Providence RI
October 24-5 150 Years of Montessori, Rome, Italy


Angeline Lillard Rome